JSB Hades .177 (4.50mm)



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JSB Hades .177 is a new pellet from JSB that combines the aerodynamic shape of Exact pellets for the best accuracy and a hollow point design for the best hunting effect. Tests show great accuracy on paper as well as ultimate take down power while shooting on ballistic gelatin. The pellet is based on your favourite JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy shape in combination with unique hollow point head design.

JSB has a long tradition of being one of the best pellets for accuracy, and now they bring the Hades, which is a pellet designed specifically for hunting. Ideal for Sub 12 or FAC shooters, this pellet has a special fragmented head that expands on impact and is designed to import more shock into the target you are shooting at.

Becoming a firm favourite with pest controllers due to the accuracy and expansion from the pellets new design.

** FAC Shooters will see more expansion due to higher power.

Each JSB Hades .177 (4.50mm) has a Hollow Point (New Star shaped head) head type. 

500 pcs

Oct 23

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