JSB Exact RS .22 (5.52mm) 13.43gr


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JSB Exact RS .22 are the lightest weight domed pellets from the JSB range. The RS stands for Rapid Speed because the velocity is much higher than with the regular pellets. Also the ballistic curve will be very flat. There is also a connection with a car industry where RS is nickname to their sport models (Rally Sport) which are lighter and more powerful than the regular ones. Ideal ammunition for 16J air rifles in cal .22. Muzzle velocity is 192 m/s if the power of airgun is set to 16J.

If you ever hear about a Diabolo pellets .22 cal. inaccuracy, recommend your friends to get information about the results of sporting shooters hitting small targets up to 50 meters, or about enthusiasts activities using JSB EXACT JUMBO in unbelievable distances (see references). Or do you think that the central dispersion of 19mm in 102 yards (about 90 meters) is the sign of inaccuracy? If so, we are talking about air guns.

Due to its weights, a specially designed shape, perfect distribution of the centre of gravity and alignment the JSB EXACT JUMBO products are the best choice for longer-distance shooting. Exact products, just as all the other products, undergo a thorough hand-picked quality control. JSB guarantees the quality of the products, the rest of successful shooting is entirely up to you … Ammunition tested by 45 meters shooting. The required result after five shots is a group where centre to centre of the shots is up to 16mm.

JSB Exact RS .22 (5.52mm):

Calibre: .22 (5.52mm)
Weight: 13.43gr (0.870g)
Quantity (per tin): 500

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Oct 23

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