Cerakote Coatings


Newavon Arms is pleased to offer Cerakote Ceramic Firearm Coatings and Water Transfer Printing (Hydrographics).

Cerakote Ceramic Firearm Coatings

  • Complete Bolt Action Rifle (includes Stock, Action, Barrel, Bolt, Bottom Metal) from £195.00
  • Rifle Barrel and Action only from £110.00
  • Rifle Barrel, Action and Bolt from £135.00
  • Rifle Stock from £95.00
  • Complete Shotgun SA/PA (includes Stock/Forearm, Action and Barrel from £205.00
  • Shotgun Barrel (Side by Side, Over & Under) from £105.00
  • Shotgun Stock (includes Stock, Forearm) from £85.00
  • Knives (prices vary) from £45.00
  • Optics with mounts from £85.00
  • Mounts only from £45.00
  • Moderator from £50.00

Water Transfer Printing (Hydrographics)

Water Transfer Printing, also known as Hydrographics, Hydro Dipping or Immersion Printing is a 3D decorating process where a pattern is applied to a hard surface. The process utilises a water-soluble film that contains the printed patterns. The film dissolves in the water and leaves the ink on the surface. In the typical process, the item to be printed is first coated with a primer or an adhesion promoter. After this dries, a base-coat paint is applied which controls the hue of the pattern. After the base-coat is applied, the item is ready for decorating. The film is activated. The item is then dipped into the water and the ink wraps around it. It is then washed and painted with a clear topcoat. It is normal to have a matte finish.

  • Rifle Stock from £79.00
  • Complete Shotgun (SA/PA) from £156.00
  • Shotgun Stock from £79.00
  • Rifle Stock and Optics Combo (including Mounts) from £128.00
  • Optics with Mounts from £60.00
  • Moderator from £36.00

What is Cerakote?


Please give Newavon Arms a call to discuss your coating requirements or drop in, details on our Contact Us page.

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