RWS Superpoint Extra .177 (4.5mm)



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The RWS Superpoint Extra 177 pellets 0.53 g is a medium-weight, smooth airgun pellet with a conical head shape. As a result, it achieves high penetration power and depth. This makes it a very popular airgun pellet for hunting. The optimised weight distribution ensures high precision.

Use RWS Superpoint Extra 177 Pellets to get the deep penetration you want when shooting your airgun. Whether you are competing in a shooting competition or just using them for target practice, these field line RWS pellets will help enhance the performance of mid-range airguns. With precision manufacturing, these airgun pellets can provide consistent shooting accuracy. Held in a conveniently small size tin, the RWS pellets are easy to carry in a jacket or pants pocket when you are on the go. RWS Superpoint Extra 177 Pellets offering you plenty of firepower for your mid-range airgun.

Field Line
Type: Pointed
500 per tin

Mar 23

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