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The InfiRay EL35 Thermal Monocular is part of the Evolving EYE series. EYE III keeps the accumulated tech strength of EYE II, but entrusts another mission: Improve your hunting efficiency. That is what EYE III is for, being user-oriented by providing ultra-clear imaging and ease of use.

On this basis, EYE III has is more in line with user needs, making it one of the best choices for your hunting gear.

High-performance Detector
EYE III is equipped with a high-performance infrared detector with a NETD<25mK. It will help you discover tiny details with it’s 384 x 288 resolution while the OLED screen will guarantee the image is extremely clear in 1440 x 1080HD. The built-in Ultra-clear mode which increases thermal imaging clarity and overall details, is ideal for bad weather conditions. Detection range out to 1800m.
Ease of Use

EYE III employs a scroll wheel. “Rotate + press down” can perform most of the operations done by traditional buttons to achieve efficient hunting. With “Rotate + press down” you can enter standby mode or achieve shutdown after closing the lens cover to avoid wasting power.

Users can experience visually clearer imaging quality with rich details, highlight targets under cool hue, while warm hue gets softer imaging avoiding visual fatigue brought by long-time viewing.

The comfortable eye cover ensures that you won’t disturb your target at night by leaking light. It also fits your eyes perfectly for comfortable viewing.

HDMI interface to display HD videos on external devices

Designed with HDMI interface (high-definition multimedia interface) uses full digital signal transmission, which not only provides full digital video signal, but also transmits audio at the same time. This device can be directly connected to HD screens, laptops, etc. for high-quality display.

Long Battery Life at Lower Temperatures

Low temperature has less effect on battery of EYE III than normal batteries. EYE III is utilises a built-in low-temperature resistant 4200mAh Li-ion battery. The operation time can reach 8h at 22°C and 7h at -20°C. The EYE III also adopts a magnetic charger, which can charge the battery to 90% in one hour, capable of more than 8 hours of hunting.

Stadiametric Rangefinding

Facilitate confirmation of prey distance and provide position reference for hunting.

More image modes to cope with different scenarios
The built-in Ultra-clear mode thermal technology of InfiRay is designed for inclement weathers such as rainy, snowy, foggy days, etc., increase thermal imaging clarity and overall details.
EYE III adopts unique scene mode image algorithms based on different using conditions to save you the operation of adjusting parameters.
Upgraded lens protection

Durable rigid plastic lens cap with higher hardness and impact resistance;

32GB Built-in Memory

EYE III comes with 32GB of memory for storing 57,000 images or 48 hours of video. All your videos and images can be easily transferred to your smartphone at lightning speed via app.

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InfiRay EL35 Thermal Monocular Specifications
Detector Specifications
Pixel Size, μm12
Frame Rate,Hz50Hz
Optical Specifications
Objective Lens,mm35mm
Field of View(H×V),°7.5°x5.7°
Magnification, ×3.5~14
Eye Relief,mm20mm
Exit pupil Diameter,mm6mm
Detection Range,m1800m
Display Specifications
Battery Power Supply
TypeBuilt-in Li-ion Battery 4200mAh/3.6V
Max. operating Time(22℃)*,h8h
Physical Specifications
IP ratingIP67
InterfaceType C & 5V 2A
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Weight< 480g
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