InfiRay IL19 Thermal Monocular (IRIS Series)


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The InfiRay IL19 Iris Series will surprise you with its exceptional image quality, which is significantly better than average, and its ultimate portable size, even smaller than a cellphone. The lightweight design of 330g, IP67 water resistance, and replaceable 18650 battery make it your most portable and reliable thermal spotter.

Reality+ Image Improvement Algorithms

The latest Reality+ image enhancement algorithms can effectively improve image quality and remove noise, releasing the full potential of the thermal sensor.

F0.9 Large Aperture

The F0.9 lens allows for light reaching by 20% more compared with a regular F1.0 lens, generating brighter and clearer images.

Self-developed 384*288@12μm Sensor with NETD <20mK

The self-developed sensor provides stable and outstanding performance, with a NETD<20mK, guaranteeing superior image under harsh conditions.

Silent Button

The ultimate silent buttons mean that you won’t make any noise to disturb your prey during the operation.

No more “thermal eyes”

The Iris is equipped with a variety of colour palettes, among which the red and green palettes are designed to prevent eye fatigue, allowing for comfortable long-time use.

Replaceable 18650 Battery

The Iris is equipped with the best 18650 replaceable battery, which could provide continuous usage for up to 5 hours per charge.

10mm Exit Pupil

The eyepiece with a 10mm exit pupil diameter ensures the best viewing angle and visibility in any angle and situation.

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InfiRay IL19 Thermal Monocular Specifications
Model IL19 IL35
Detector Specifications
Resolution,pixels 384×288
Pixel, μm 12
NETD, mK <20
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Optical Specifications
Objective Lens, mm 19 F0.9 35 F0.9
Field of View (H×V), º 13.8×10.4 7.5×5.7
Linear Field of View (H×V), m at 100m 24×18 13×10
Magnification, × 2~8 4~16
Detective Range, m

(Target size: 1.7m × 0.5m, P(n)=99%)

980 1800
Exit Relief, mm 25
Exit Pupil Diameter, mm 10
Diopter, D -5 ~ +5
Display Specifications
Resolution, pixels 1024×768
Battery Power Supply
Battery Replaceable Li-ion battery 18650 / 3200mAh
Max. Operation Time, (t=22℃) h★ 5
Physical Specifications
MIC Support
Memory Capacity, GB 32
IP Rating IP67
Operating Temperature, ºC -20 ~ +50
Weight, g ≤330
Dimension, mm ≤143×47×74


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