GECO .243 Win Express 76gr


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The .243 Win. is a very accurate cartridge, which is well suited as a roe deer and fox cartridge. The .243 Win. offers a balanced performance ratio for hunting these types of game.
The .243 Win. is based on the case of the .308 Win. Anyone who wants to carry a standard calibre in 6 mm is well advised with the .243 Win.
– the GECO Express bullet with 76 gr for hunting at long distances, as well as the Softpoint with 105 gr. GECO Express

The GECO Express gives a flat trajectory, a high bullet velocity and a fast energy transfer – all combined in a unique new GECO design. The streamlined bullet shape combined
with the new GECO Express Tip allows for extremely precise long distance shots without correction of the aiming point. The jacket design allows high bullet velocities which are
maintained right to the target and give an extremely high energy yield resulting in clean

Use: Varmint/light and medium game

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