GECO .243 Win Softpoint 105 gr


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The .243 Win. Is based on the case of the .308 Win. Anyone who wants to carry a standard gun in a 6mm caliber should be well satisfied with the .243 Win. It is a very accurate cartridge that is good for use on roe deer and fox, and chamois in Austria (not permitted in Germany). It is, however, a load-sensitive cartridge. The .243 Win. Provides a balanced performance for hunting these types of game.
A well-proven projectile type still favoured by many today. High to very high energy output in game. Somewhat stronger fragmentation, therefore exit holes are not always present. Very good stopping effect. Frequently used in battues because of the above reasons and because of a certain insensitivity to minor obstacles. With round or pointed projectile tip.

Barrel Length mm 600
BC-Value 0.335
6.8g/105 gr

Part no: 2213401
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