Uncle Mikes Tri-lock 1″ QD sling Swivels


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Uncle Mike s locking, proven, Super Swivel design found on hundreds of thousands of guns. Holds securely on the base, yet �detaches quickly and easily for those times when you d rather not have the sling mounted on the gun. To Use: Unscrew the SwiveLock� and press the spring-loaded plunger. Disengage the gate from the pin and �rotate it out of the way. Insert the pin through the base and rotate the gate back into position to engage the pin. Tighten the lock for fail-safe attachment that won t open accidentally. Available for 1″ wide slings.

Material: Steel
Style: Rifle Swivels
Delivery weight: 0.045kg
Height: 13mm
Width: 80mm
Length: 141mm

part no: 14032
Mar 23

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