Umarex .50Cal Marking Paintballs 500 Pack (Blue)


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Umarex .50Cal Marking Paintballs are a premium means of marking a target and are a great alternative to rubber balls, especially in police training. They are available in our whole range of calibers: .43, .50 and .68.

Paintballs clearly show where they hit and are therefore ideal for police training and sport competitions. The blue chalk dye adheres to the target when the projectiles break open, leaving a visible mark. T4E MAB Marking Paintballs are designed to be used with only light protective gear and easy to wash out. Their high quality ensures excellent precision, making them perfect for training and honing routine skills.

Calibre: .50
Colour: Blue
Material: Plastic/chalk paint
Weight: 1.21g
Content: 500 pcs

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Part No. 2.4597
July 2023

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