Tier One 11mm Dovetail Scope Mounts


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Tier One 11mm DOVETAIL scope mounts are precision made on 5 axis CNC machinery.

When you buy Tier One rings you get precision, toughness and repeatability meaning tighter groups and more accuracy for that one shot that counts.

The key to accuracy in manufacture is to minimise the number of operations required to complete the machining process.

By investing in new technology, we have been able to cut the number of operations required from eight to two.

By doing this, there is no accuracy loss due to re-setting for different operations.

All rings are made from Aluminium 7075T6 and are available in Medium and High configurations.

Lapping is not required as each ring set is a matching pair machined to very high tolerances from a solid billet.

Not recommended for Magnum or high recoil calibres.

Tier One 11mm DOVETAIL scope mounts come supplied with custom made stainless steel screws, specially manufactured at our facility.

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30mm, 34mm


Medium, High

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