Spartan Classic Gunsmith Adaptor & Dirt Plug.


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The Classic Gunsmith Adapter is the clearest answer for those using the Javelin bipod, Sentinel and Kapita tripod systems (not compatible with the Spartan 300). This adapter is designed to be bonded into wooden and synthetic rifle stocks by any gunsmith or competent individual, and offers a very lightweight fitting for serious mountain hunters.

Also ideal as a second rear located adapter fitting for tripod use.


  • Intended to fit the ‘Javelin’ and ‘Sentinel’ & ‘Kapita’ tripod systems.
  • Lightest weight option ( 9g / 0.3ozs )
  • CNC machined from 7075-T7351 aluminium billet
  • Hard anodised black finish
  • Includes dirt plug


Mar 23

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