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As a hunting cartridge the .308 Win. Is very suitable for medium-sized game up to medium red deer and wild boar. The strong points of this cartridge are the high universality, the high internal precision and the pleasant shooting behaviour.

Due to its high precision, the .308 Win. Is also optimally suitable for sport shooting at long distances.

This cartridge replaced the .30-06 Springfield as ordinance cartridge in the USA and NATO adopted this cartridge as well. As a civil cartridge it was available virtually at the same time.

Apart from its use in repeating rifles, the .308 Win. Is also excellent for self-loading rifles.

BC-Value 0.298

Ballistic Data
0m – 870m/s – 3671J
50m – 818m/s – 3245J
100m – 769m/s – 2868J
150m – 721m/s – 2521J
200m – 675m/s – 2210J
250m – 630m/s – 1925J
300m – 587m/s – 1671J
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