Remington Premier 308 Win 165 gr Swift Scirocco


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The Premier Scirocco Bonded line is some of the most versatile and reliable big-game ammunition offered today. The expansion-generating polymer tip and boat tail base combine to defy air resistance at the front end, and reduce drag at the back. The progressively thickening, heavy-based, pure copper jacket is bonded to the lead core to preserve bullet integrity and retain over 75% of its weight at all velocities. Finally, the bullet’s precise concentricity and secant ogive nose profile produce accuracy you would be proud of in match competition.

Precision shaped polymer tip for reduced frontal air resistance
Secant ogive bullet profile for high ballistic coefficient
Jacket and core bonded together to eliminate jacket/core separations
Boat tail bullet design for reduced air drag
Excellent terminal performance with deep penetration and high weight retention

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part no: PRSC308WB
Feb 23

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