NorneHunt Bipod (Quick Detach)



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The aluminium and carbon fibre legs are adjustable using a twist adjust telescopic mechanism. The legs are fitted with soft silicone feet for excellent friction against all types of terrains.
The bipod attaches to your picatinny rail and utilizing a quick detach/attach one-hand operated picatinny clip-on.

Leg adjustability from 18cm-26cm.


-Fixed friction tilt of the cradle.
-Telescopic legs with an unique closed-in adjustment system and the legs.
-High friction silicone removable feet.
-Picatinny clip-on attachment system that can be operated with one hand

The Bipod also comes with a free NorneHunt Pouch. The NorneHunt Utility Pouch is a versatile pouch with molle straps that can fit your bipod, radio, silencer or water bottle.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 6 cm
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