JSB Knockout Slugs .22 (5.49 mm) 25.39gr



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JSB Knockout Slugs .22 didn’t get their name for being lightweights. The new Slug JSB Knock Out has been specially designed for use in high power PCP carbines. Maximum accuracy for distances over 50m. Its extremely favorable aerodynamics provide a flat trajectory and excellent energy retention.

The weight has been chosen to fit the most powerful air rifles currently available on the market. It is a really heavy weight pellets that is stable even at 50J+ power levels but fits also 70J+ rifles. Number one choice for the owners of FAC air guns.

Thanks to the hollow point and the soft lead JSB is known for, these slugs offer a very good expansion on impact. The ballistic coefficient of these JSB Knock Out 5.49 mm 25.39 grain slugs is

JSB Knockout Slugs .22 are:
Tin of 200

Oct 23

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