IMPACT 20g 25 gms No: 5 (Plastic)


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The only true, non-toxic alternative to lead  (Last of Stock)

40% greater density than steel
Superior wind resistance
Velocity: 1350 fps
Safe in any choke and won’t harm barrels

Tungsten Matrix is the most innovative non-toxic shot on the market; produced specifically to mimic both the physical and ballistic characteristics of premium lead shot. It consists of a blend of pure tungsten powder and polymer binding which is guaranteed to hit harder than any other non-toxic shot on the market.

Weight: 25 grams
Type : Steel (non-toxic)
Shot: 5
Wad: Plastic
Cartridge Length: 2.75″/65 mm
Use: Game & Waterfowl
Box of 25 cartridges

Feb 23

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