Fischer Bone Saw (17.5″)


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A beautiful 17.5″ American Style Butcher’s Fischer Bone Saw for cutting through carcasses and meat joints with ease. Made with a Swedish Stainless steel frame, this saw is ultra strong and comes with a kamlock style lever making it easy to switch blades.

This is a high-quality 17.5″ bone saw made with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame and polyimide handle.  The White Polyamide Handle is beautifully made and repels meats, acids, stains and bacteria to comply with all food hygiene requirements. The contoured handle wraps the hand firmly, comfortably and naturally for a firm grip even when wet. The saw features a KamLock Lever which can easily unlock the blade. Once you have switched blades simply re-lock the lever and your saw is ready for use again at the perfect tension.

This saw will make easy work of cutting through carcasses and large joints of meat making it ideal for anyone in the butchery industry or just a butchery enthusiast in their home kitchen.

This is a top-quality tool that most butchers will find indispensable. The frame is made from Swedish stainless steel which is known for its reliability and ultra strength.

Made in France by Fischer-Bargoin, a family ran company who takes pride in precision and detail with everything they make.

Fischer Bone Saw Product Features

– 17.5″ saw.

– Precision ground cut blades.

– Handle built for a Natural firm grip.

– Stainless steel frame.

– Easy to maintain.

– Made in France.

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