Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Sling Rifle (Brown)


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Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Rifle Sling

Butler Creek’s unique rifle and shotgun slings are designed with the hunter’s success and comfort in mind. They combine the soft and durable features of water-proof closed cell neoprene with Comfort Stretch backing. This system ensures that you are buying the most functional and field proven weight-reduction system available.

The patented design reduces felt weight and controls the bounce typically associated with other neoprene slings. It works like a shock absorber and flows with your body movement.
It actually reduces felt weight by 50% and makes your firearm 100% more comfortable.

Conventional gun slings do not “give”. Each step in the forest or field can pound a hunter’s neck and shoulder muscles with a force much greater than the weight of the rifle. This results in pain, fatigue and possibly a missed shot at that critical moment. All models feature Non-Slip Grippers to ensure that it stays on your shoulder.
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part no: 80015
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