Virtus Precision .243/6mm 70gr (Osprey)


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The Virtus Osprey line of bullets have been created for terminal performance at low impact velocities but with more penetration in mind and less meat damage.

The projectile has been designed for more controlled expansion in mind at low impact velocities and better penetration causing very good terminal performance at ranges up 250m plus The better penetration and terminal performance of the projectile will cause a good blood trial on even a marginal shot placement.

The Virtus Osprey projectile has been devolved and tested by one of the UK’s most experience deer stalkers and mentors, therefore it can be used with confidence.

Benefits of the Virtus Osprey projectiles:
Guaranteed accuracy in the recommended twist rates at normal muzzle velocities.
High ballistic co-efficient very similar to the Virtus Merlin line of copper monolithic projectiles.
Trailed and tested by one of the UKs most experienced deer stalkers and assessors.
No need to change the point of aim on live quarry to get the best performance.
The projectile can be used at lower muzzle velocities and still have very good performance.
Intended for impact velocities above 1500fps.
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