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The ROETEX Ranger Carbon Tripod sets itself apart from other carbon fibre tripods. The ROETEX combines a fast set-up, with low weight and high stability for shooters on the go on both the range and out on a stalk. The compact carbon fibre model was years in the making and comes with features which include ergonomic adjustment points, built-in mobile compatibility and thoughtful details throughout the design.

With a robust and rigid carbon fibre design this tripod is built for life on the road with durable materials. The materials are weather and impact-resistant and all parts are serviceable cleanable, and replaceable. Includes a padded, weather resistant case.

The Roetex Ranger the new carbon fibre tripod with aluminium rifle saddle clamp is built to support any weapon system and additionally has a high 20Kg weight capacity. Additionally the tripod also has stability and vibration damping performance comparable, if not better, than most tripods in its class. It comes with nonslip, shock-absorbing feet. The omnidirectional ball and socket joint allows you to shoot on sloped surfaces while a spirit bubble attached to the clamp can check your rifle is being held on a level plain. On the other hand the ball and socket joint is both highly mobile yet once fastened extremely stable.

Features :
  • Carbon fibre tripod and saddle clamp (2.3kg)
  • All carbon and aluminium construction.
  • Non marking rubber jaws with silicone base opens from 30mm to 180mm.
  • Can be used in standing or seated position as well as prone instead of a bipod.
  • Optional metal spike feet included.
  • Heavy duty high quality 10 layer carbon fibre tubes 33mm diameter down to 22mm.
  • One knob tension control of tilt and swivel.
  • Up to 20kg load capacity.
  • Max height 142cm.
  • Two position hook to hold accessories one on the side and one underneath.
  • Comes with a padded travel bag.
  • 360 degrees rotation.
  • 3 position individually adjustable leg angle.

 Part No. Ranger RC-334C
July 2023

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