NOSLER 6.5mm (.264) 140gr Ballistic Tip


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These bullets deliver the accuracy, consistency and down range punch required for clean kills in all situations. These flat shooting, wind defying bullets utilise ballistic designed boat tails and polymer tips to increase long-range efficiency and protect against tip damage in the magazine. Unique tapered jacket provides controlled expansion at all practical ranges and velocities.
Optimal Performance Velocity: 1800-3200 fps

6.5mm 140 Grain
Ballistic Tip Hunting Bullet

1. Nosler® Ballistic Tip®
Streamlined polymer tip, colour-coded by calibre, resists deformation in the magazine, and initiates expansion upon impact.

2. Fully-Tapered Jacket and Special Lead-Alloy Core
Allows controlled expansion and optimum weight retention at all practical velocity levels. The heavy jacketed base prevents bullet deformation during firing.

3. Heavy Jacketed Base
Acts as a platform for a large-diameter mushroom.

4. Ballistically Engineered Solid Base®
Boat tail configuration combines with the streamlined polymer tip for extreme long-range performance, and for easier loading.

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