MTM Case-Gard Gunsmiths Maintenance Centre


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Dimensions: 29.5″x 4″x 9.5″
• Colour: Red

Gunsmith Maintenance Centre – is one of the best gun maintenance support and gun cleaning products on the market! Designed for quick gun cleaning of rifles or shotguns. Ideal for mounting scopes, swivels, bedding of actions, etc.. To eliminate spills, compartments are provided for your bore solvent, rust prevents, patches and screwdrivers. The removable forks have moulded-on rubber padding to protect your firearm and can hold two cleaning rods. Each fork has two height adjustments, giving you a combination of height adjustments to hold the firearm level up right or upside down. The large middle section is to store all your tools and cleaning supplies in one area. No workbench is complete without the Gunsmith’s Maintenance Centre by MTM Case-Gard

Model no: RMC5
Mar 23

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