HAWKE Match Ring Mounts One Piece (1 inch/9-11mm/High)


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Double hex screws to hold your scope firmly in place
Recoil stop pin
Reversible dove tail clamp that fits 9-11mm and 3/8 inch airgun and rimfire bases
Internal cushion tape prevents marking and damage
High grade aluminium anodised in matte black
Fitting basics:

Base: Fits 9-11mm width dovetail bases commonly found on airguns and rimfire. See http://www.tacticalscope.co.uk/blog/?p=50 if unsure how to determine what you have.
Ring Diameter: 1 inch – 25mm tube scope
Saddle Height: HIGH – Distance from base of mount to bottom of ring (the saddle) is 22mm (0.86″)
Scope Lens size suitability – based on scope being fitted onto a flat base rail and scope lens objective being flush to the gun body

Maximum outer scope case size = 69mm (22mm + 12.5mm ring radius x2)
This equates to an approx. maximum scope lens size of 60mm as most scope outsides add around 7-12mm.
Can add more if flip up lens caps are being used so please take this into consideration.
However if the end of the scope will hang over the gun barrel or if the rail is raised then larger lens scopes can be accommodated.
Summary Features

Configuration: 1 Piece
Ring Size (Diameter): 1″ / 25.4mm
Height: High
Rail: 9-11mm
Fixings (Rail & Top Cap): Double Hex Screw
Internal Cushion: Yes
Retractable ‘Recoil Stop’ Pin: Yes
Height: 51mm / 2″
Weight: 167g / 5.9oz

model no: 22105
Mar 23

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