Eley Force .22LR 42 gr


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ELEY force .22LR is a high-velocity, semi-automatic .22LR round designed for power. Featuring a new propellant utilising a distributed pressure curve that accelerates the bullet to a supersonic velocity, providing maximum knock-down force.

ELEY force is a .22LR round that delivers both strong kickback and accuracy.

Key features:
High velocity
Extreme knock-down force
Smooth functioning

Designed for:
High level competitive semi-automatic shooters

Used for
Competitive semi-automatic rifle

.22LR semi-automatic rifle

Mean Muzzle Velocity : 344m/s – 381m/s
Mean Muzzle Velocity: 1130ft/s – 1250ft/s

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Box of 50 – £5.75
Per 500 – £51.75

Sep 23

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