HORNADY 308 WIN 168gr ELD Match TAP


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Hornady® 308 WIN TAP 168 gr. ELD® MATCH TAP PRECISION® ammunition was designed as an improvement on the 168 gr. A-MAX TAP PRECISION® load by incorporating the new ELD® Match bullet. The 168 gr. ELD® Match bullet with Heat Shield® tip delivers the excellent terminal performance TAP Precision® is known for, but features a resilient, heat resistant polymer tip that improves the ballistic coefficient, resulting in higher impact velocities, less drop, less wind drift, and more energy on target.

Product Details: Bullet
Ballistic Coefficient: (G1): .523 Sectional
Density: 0.253
Characteristics: Match grade, Polymer tipped

308 WIN TAP®
Match Grade Brass Composite
Powder: Temperature stable with flash retardant Primer: Staked primer pocket, Large rifle

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