Sierra 6.5mm (.264) 120gr Spitzer (ProHunter)


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The Spitzer shape of this 120 grain bullet assures excellent downrange performance and precise accuracy. This bullet will perform well at longer ranges on medium game from the 264 Winchester Magnum and the 6.5×284 cartridges, but it will be too fragile for close-range shots. It is an excellent all-around bullet for smaller capacity 6.5mm cartridges.

While this bullet is generally considered too “hard” for handgun hunting situations, the 120 grain #1720 bullet would be a good choice for medium game at short ranges. It is best used in 6.5mm cartridge cases with powder capacity equal to the 223 Remington or larger and loaded to maximum velocities. This 120 grain bullet gives the handgunner target accuracy suitable for all target applications, including full-size handgun silhouettes.

Pro hunter
264 DIA
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