Tier One 180mm Evolution Carbon Bipod


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This model has the Picatinny Tilt adapter

Evolution Bipod
The Tactical Evolution Bipod features a revolutionary new mechanism – sealed roller bearings that are impervious to dust and water which enable the Bipod to rotate smoothly around the rifle barrel, a feature not found in any other support system currently on the market.

Every Evolution Tactical Bipod comes with rubber feet as standard and an adapter of your choice.

Additional foot options are available and sold separately, including Spike feet, Claw feet and Ski feet which are interchangeable and easily removed in the field using the tip of a bullet.

The Evolution Tactical Bipod is adjustable for cant, so you don’t have to let the terrain dictate your shot.
The cant motion is exceptionally smooth due the the design of the roller bearing mechanism and you can tighten the whole unit down to the position you want using the torque nut.

Part no: T1BECTP180

Feb 23

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