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We’re not just limited to the cuts listed above. If you have any specific requirements or would just like to find out more, message us.



Whole Carcass 1Kg, Venison Saddle (on the bone) 1Kg, Venison Saddle (Boned & Rolled) 1Kg, Venison Strip Loin 1Kg, Venison 100g Striploin Steak, Venison 150g Striploin Steak, Venison 200g Striploin Steak, Venison Haunch Joint (on the bone) 1Kg, Venison Haunch Joint (boned & rolled) 1Kg, Venison 100g Haunch Steak, Venison 150g Haunch Steak, Venison Diced 1Kg, Venison Shoulder (bone in) 1Kg, Venison Shoulder (boned & rolled) 1Kg, Venison Mince 500g, Venison Sausages (pack of 6), Venison Burgers (pack of 4) 170gms each

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