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The CT Edge is the ultimate lightweight, accurate, long-range rifle and offers a titanium action and carbon barrel. This rifle utilizes aerospace components to deliver the premium Fierce advantage to our customer. This rifle comes with our carbon barrel that’s cryogenically treated to relieve stress from the barrel before the carbon wrap is applied and titanium action. This combination gives you a rifle that weighs less than 6 lbs. and still delivers bull barrel, tack-driving accuracy!

The CT Edge brings you premium performance at a considerably lower price than our competitors and is truly a game changer in the shooting and hunting sport. You no longer have to overpay for accuracy. The CT Edge comes with a .50 MOA group guarantee at 100 yards and a validation target is included with every rifle. Another impressive feature is the weight, coming in under six pounds. Fierce offers you a high-caliber, long-range performing rifle at half the price of most custom rifles.

Features & Specification
  • Titanium Fierce Triad 3-lug action
  • 70 degree bolt throw | unobstructed bolt cycle when shooting with an oversized scope
  • Wire EDM precision cut raceways | tightest machined tolerances for accuracy and lock up
  • 3-Position Safety | Extract cartridges while rifle is in safe position
  • BIX’N ANDY trigger | match grade adjustable trigger (1-3 lbs.)
  • Detachable Drop Box Magazine
  • Fierce C3 Carbon Fiber barrel | Match grade, hand lapped barrel liner, stress relief treated
  • Twisted Flute steel barrel available for those that prefer traditional steel barrel rifles
  • Radial muzzlebrake (stainless steel) included | Titanium Nix side port brake + $150
  • 1/2 MOA Accuracy Guarantee – Certified target included with CT Edge or any Edge LR package
  • C3 Carbon Edge stock | Carbon Fiber Monte Carlo design | Solid carbon bedding system

At Fierce there is no compromise for quality and performance.  That is why all Fierce rifles have a limited lifetime warranty.  It is time to get Fierce and experience the difference.

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