Barnes 6mm (.243) 62gr Varmint Grenade HP


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Introduced in 2007, the Varmint Grenade has rapidly become one of the most popular varmint bullets around. Based on a design Barnes developed for military applications, the hollow-cavity, flat-base bullet features a copper-tin powdered metal core surrounded by a guilding metal jacket. The bullet remains intact at ultra-high velocities in fast twist barrels, while its highly frangible core fragments violently on impact. Produces instant fragmentation, virtually vaporising ground squirrels and prairie dogs, even at long range. Varmint Grenades instantly expend their energy, seldom exiting large predators like bobcats and coyotes, leaving valuable pelts virtually undamaged.

Diameter .243″
Weight 62
Box of 100
part no: 24372

Apr 23

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