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The A-Tec 6.5mm 119 Hertz silencer is designed as a one-piece aluminum silencer with steel inlet that deflects the hot gases from wearing and tearing on the aluminum. The Hertz range is A-Tec’s bestsellers and a popular, lightweight yet efficient choice for both hunters and target shooters.

The A-Tec 6.5mm 119 Hertz moderator is a result of all of A-Tec’s combined knowledge about how they can make the technology absorb as much energy as possible within the limits of what physics allows.

Setting out to push the boundaries of sound reduction technology, A-Tec faced extensive research, CAD modelling, prototyping, testing, and starting all over again and again – until after years of research and development, finally they met their goals on efficiency and strength. The result is the amazing technology A-Tec employ in the Hertz silencers.

Overall Performance: 29 DB(C)
Weight: 356g
Diameter: 49.5mm
Over Barrel Length: 80mm
Extended Barrel Length: 119mm
Total Length: 199mm
Max Barrel Diameter: Ø23.7mm
PLEASE NOTE: This moderator is second hand but in great condition. Less than 20 rounds through it.
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